How to Cancel Noom Trial in 6 Easy Steps?

In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of canceling your Noom trial, ensuring that you avoid any unexpected charges. Are you wondering how to cancel Noom trial without being charged? Do you want to know the steps to take to ensure a smooth cancellation process?

You might be wondering what the cancellation policy is for Noom and if there are any specific requirements or deadlines you need to be aware of. Additionally, you might be curious about the consequences of not canceling your Noom trial and how it could impact your finances.

We will address all these questions and more, providing you with a comprehensive guide to successfully canceling your Noom trial. You can rest assured that by the end of this blog post, you will have all the information you need to navigate the cancellation process with ease and avoid any unnecessary charges. So let’s dive in and discover how to cancel your Noom trial hassle-free.

How to Cancel Noom Trial on the App?

If you’ve decided that Noom is not the right fit for you and want to cancel your trial on the app, here’s a step-by-step guide to help you through the process.

First, open the Noom app on your device and log in to your account.

Next, navigate to the “Settings” section of the app. This is usually represented by a gear icon or a menu button located in the top or bottom right corner of the screen. Once you’ve found the settings, tap on it to access the options.

Look for the “Account” or “Subscription” tab within the settings menu. Tap on it to open the account or subscription details page. Here, you should find information about your current trial or subscription status.

Scroll through the account or subscription details until you find the option to cancel or manage your trial. It may be labeled as “Cancel Trial,” “End Trial,” or something similar. Tap on this option to proceed with canceling your Noom trial.

A confirmation message may appear on your screen, asking if you’re sure you want to cancel your trial. Read the message carefully and confirm your decision by selecting “Yes” or “Cancel Trial.”

After confirming the cancellation, you should see a confirmation message indicating that your trial has been successfully canceled. It’s always a good idea to take a screenshot or make note of this confirmation for your records.

Remember, it’s essential to cancel your trial before the trial period ends to avoid being charged for a subscription. By following these steps, you should be able to cancel your Noom trial on the app hassle-free.

We have also included a step-by-step video about how to unsubscribe from Noom.

What Happens if I Cancel My Noom Trial?

When you cancel your Noom trial, it means that you are opting out of the program before the trial period ends. By canceling, you will not be charged for a full subscription to Noom.

Once you cancel your trial, your access to Noom’s features and services will be discontinued. You will no longer have access to the personalized coaching, meal plans, and other resources that are available to active subscribers.

However, you may still be able to use the app in a limited capacity as a free user. This means you can still track your meals and exercise, but you won’t have access to the full range of features and content that come with a paid subscription.

Canceling your trial also means that you won’t be billed for any future subscription charges. Noom operates on a subscription-based model, and if you don’t cancel before the trial period ends, you will be automatically enrolled in a paid subscription plan.

It’s important to note that canceling your trial does not entitle you to a refund for any charges you may have already incurred. Noom’s refund policy may vary, so it’s best to review their terms and conditions for more information on refunds.

If you decide to rejoin Noom in the future, you can always sign up for a new trial or choose a subscription plan that suits your needs. Just remember to carefully review the terms and conditions and cancellation policies before committing to any payment.

In summary, canceling your Noom trial allows you to opt-out of the program before the trial period ends, avoiding any charges for a full subscription. However, it also means the end of access to Noom’s personalized coaching and resources, although you may still have limited functionality as a free user.

Is There a Fee for Canceling Noom Trial?

When it comes to canceling your Noom trial, there is no fee involved. You can cancel your trial at any time without incurring any charges. Noom offers a trial period to allow users to explore the app and its features before committing to a subscription. If you find that Noom is not the right fit for you during the trial period, you have the option to cancel without any financial obligation. This ensures that you have the freedom to try Noom risk-free and make an informed decision about whether to continue with a subscription or not.

How to Contact Noom Customer Support for Trial Cancellation?

If you’re looking to cancel your Noom trial and need to get in touch with customer support, there are a few ways you can reach out for assistance. The first option is to visit the Noom website and navigate to the “Contact Us” page. There, you’ll find a form where you can fill in your details and submit a message to the support team.

Another way to contact Noom customer support is through their app. Open the Noom app on your device and go to the settings menu. Look for the “Help Center” or “Support” option, where you’ll find resources and FAQs that may help answer your questions. If you can’t find the information you need, you can usually send a message directly to the support team from within the app.

Additionally, Noom offers email support for users who prefer this method of communication. You can send an email to with your inquiry or request for trial cancellation. Make sure to provide as much detail as possible, such as your account information and the reason for cancellation, to expedite the process.

Lastly, you may also consider reaching out to Noom’s customer support through their social media channels, such as Facebook or Twitter. Many companies have dedicated support teams that monitor these platforms and respond to customer inquiries. Keep in mind that response times may vary depending on the platform and the volume of inquiries they receive.

No matter which method you choose, it’s important to clearly communicate your request for trial cancellation to Noom’s customer support team. Be prepared to provide any necessary information and follow any instructions they may provide to ensure a smooth cancellation process.

The Bottom Line

Canceling a Noom trial is a straightforward process that can be done through the app or by contacting customer support. To cancel within the app, navigate to the “Account Settings” section and follow the prompts to cancel your trial. If you prefer to reach out to customer support, you can access the Help Center or Support section within the app for resources and FAQs, send an email to, or contact Noom through their social media channels. Remember to clearly communicate your request for trial cancellation and follow any instructions provided by Noom’s customer support team.

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