What is the Best Smart Watch With Earbuds?

A smart watch with earbuds is a relatively new concept that combines two different technologies into one device. It has a built-in speakerphone and microphone, which allows you to talk hands free while listening to music.  

There are several types of smart watches with earbuds  available today. Some are just regular watches with extra features, while others are full-fledged smartphones. Some even say they except earbuds, but few come with them right out of the box.  

In this article we will look at what we consider to be the top 3 smart watches with earbuds and then narrow that down to the best smart watch with earbuds.

Best Smart Watch With Earbuds (Updated List)

1Smart Watch With EarbudsGuiqu Smart Watch with 6D Stereo Bluetooth EarbudsBest Overall
2Smart Watch With EarbudsMeet Romance 2 in 1 Smart Watch with EarbudsRunner Up
3Smart Watch With EarbudsSudroid Smart Watch with EarbudsBudget Friendly

Why You Should Get A Smart Watch With Earbuds

As mentioned before, a smart watch with earbuds is a relatively new concept. It combines two different technologies into a single device. It has a speakerphone and microphone, allowing you to talk hands free and listen to music at the same time. You may always have your smart phone with you, like so many others, however, you may not always be in a position where it is convenient for you to pull out your smart phone.

You may be in a position where you needs hands free talking or a way to listen to music hands free without having to fiddle with your phone. It’s also a very useful tool for those who work long hours and need to keep up with their schedules. But what if you’re looking for something else? What if you want to stay connected to your family and friends, but don’t want to carry around a smartphone?

Smart watches with earbuds are a good option for those who want to stay connected, but don’ t want to carry around a phone or don’t want to pull it out for whatever reason. These smart watches have many or all of the same features, benefits and convenience of a good smart watch and, in some cases have all or most of the features of a good smart phone. The best of both worlds.

What to Look for When Buying A Smart Watch With Earbuds

Everyone has different preferences on what is important or not when deciding on a smart watch with earbuds, but I want to offer my opinion on the most important things that the smart watch with earbuds should have.

Typical Smart Watch Features

Although there are different grades and price points on smart watches these days, there are some very common and standard features that all smart watches should have. One of these features is fitness tracking capabilities. This includes things like heart rate monitoring, the ability count steps, track calories burned and sleep monitoring. Other smart watch features include full GPS capabilities and the ability to sync to most, if not all, smart phones.

They should definitely have information push capabilities and event reminders and those features that you would expect a good smart watch to have. You do not want to sacrifice the normal smart watch features just to have earbud capabilities.

Extended Battery Life

Battery life is very important when it comes to the the reasons why you would want to get a smart watch with earbuds as described above. In order to take advantage of the hands free aspect, for example, you would definitely want a long battery life so that you can answer your phone without having to reach for your smartphone. You would also want a long battery life if you wanted to listed to your favorite play list as well.

Full on Bluetooth Capabilities

Bluetooth technologies has greatly improved over the past few years. So, in this case you want to make sure that your smart watch with earbuds has these improved capabilities. You want your device to support recording and Bluetooth calls. Plus, you don’t want noise! Your device should support some type of intelligent IC noise reduction with the ability to filter the noise from the sound source.

You definitely want a full prominent human voice to come through. It should also have a highly sensitive microphone, ringtone reminder and overall good sound quality. In other words, you want your watch to sound like a phone. Plus, you want to be able to listen to high quality music.

Easy to Use and Read Display

This is another very important feature you want to have. you want to have the ability to easily read your display so that you can take advantage of the hands free benefits. You do not want to have to stare at your watch for a prolonged period of time. Plus, you want to be able to quickly and easily reach the controls on either the display or the sides of the display. You do not want to have to fumble around to access your smart watches controls.

You want your device to be the perfect daily activity companion. Plus, you want to have the ability to call your friends and family or enjoy music while driving, or even working. You also want your device to be compatible with most androids and iPhone’s.

Smart Watch With Earbuds Product Reviews

Here are the reviews of the best smart watches with earbuds:

1. Guiqu Smart Watch with 6D Stereo Bluetooth Earbuds (Best Overall)

Smart Watch With Earbuds

The Guiqu Smart Watch with 6D Stereo Bluetooth Earbuds is our number one pic. It has all of the features that are necessary for a good smart watch with earbuds and more. It has the ultimate 2 in 1 technology empowerment. This smart watch has three global reviews on Amazon that have given it a full 5 star rating. So, all who have purchases it simple LOVE it.

This device has a magnetic adsorption 6D Bluetooth headset +TWS, Game-Changing WoW Sound Quality. This simply means the sound quality is superb! The Bluetooth reads your mobile phone at any time and totally supports the recording and Bluetooth call. It has a very intelligent IC noise reduction system in place that can effectively filter the noise of what ever sound source you are using.

It is also equipped with a high-sensitive microphone, giving you the ultimate calling experience. Another nice feature is that the headset is automatically linked to Bluetooth so that you can use the headset to answer calls at any moment in time. Plus it is IP67 waterproof so you don’t have to worry about getting it wet with sweat and raindrops. Although it is not suitable for swimming.


  • 15 Day Battery Life
  • Accurate Fitness Tracker and GPS
  • Superb Sounds Quality


  • connect fail messages appear sometimes until fully connected
  • Higher priced at $139

2. Meet Romance 2 in 1 Smart Watch with Earbuds (Runner Up)

Smart Watch With Earbuds

The Meet Romance 2 in 1 Smart Watch with Earbuds is our second choice. Our runner up. This is a great smart watch with earbuds. This smart watch is not only equipped with all of the functions of most smart watches, it also has MP3, recording capabilities, multiple sports modes, hypothermia warning, and it has the ability to switch between 17 languages.

The Meet Romance also has a long battery life. It is not quite as long as the Guiqu Smart Watch, but it does give you between 7 and 15 days before you have to charge the battery. It also gives you 20 to 25 days of standing time before having to charge the battery.

Another cool feature is the voice assistant. After connecting this device to your mobile phone’s Bluetooth, music can be played and phone calls can be made by this voice assistant.


  • Long Battery Life
  • MP3, recording capabilities,
  • Multiple sports modes and hypothermia warn


  • Touch Screen can be a little sensitive
  • Some people complained it was a bit bulky on the wrist

3. Sudroid Smart Watch with Earbuds (Budget Friendly)

Smart Watch With Earbuds

The Sudroid Smart Watch with Earbuds was the best smart watch with earbuds for the price. It runs at $89.99 and is loaded with features. The device is a great companion for daily activity tracking, calling and enjoying music while driving or working and can has good fitness tracking capabilities.

There are other lower cost smart watches available, but most of them are not as high of a quality as this one is. For example The Donerton smart watch is also a lower priced smart watch, but does not have the higher quality features of this one.

It supports recording and Bluetooth calls and is compatible with most smartphones. The battery life is about 10 days, so it is competitive in that area. It tracks your heart-rate 24 hours a day along with steps, calories burned and has sleep management capabilities.

This device also has the Intelligent IC noise reduction and can effectively filter the noise part of the sound source, making the human voice clear and prominent. Although the sound quality isn’t quite as good as the other two mentioned. It is also Equipped with a high-sensitivity microphone, ringtone reminder, independent high-fidelity audio and call sound.


  • Nicely priced
  • Long Battery Life
  • Full featured Smart watch


  • Lower quality sound


Here are some commonly asked questions about the best smartwatch with earbuds.

How Do I Connect To My Android Phone?

Each of these smart watches connect in a similar manner. You turn on the smart watch Bluetooth in the watch itself. Then you turn on the Bluetooth on your phone. The next step is to search for pairing form your phone. Once the pairing is successful, the connections becomes automatic. In the package of the device you purchased, you get the instruction manual that will spell this out step by step.

Do These Watches Receive and Send Text Messages?

Being a smart watch it is linked to your cell phone’s Bluetooth. It receives all notifications from your cell phone so that you don’t miss important notifications while your cell phone is in the on position, but perhaps in the silent state. Independently, the watch itself does not send text messages. It utilizes your phone from the smart watch so that you don’t have to pull out your phone or hold it. It just needs to be around.

Are These Watches Waterproof?

The waterproof rating is IP67, but since these smart watches are equipped with bluetooth earplugs, it is not recommended for long-term underwater activities, if you have special requirements for total waterproofing for swimming with the device, these are not recommended.


So that concludes our list of some of the best smart watches with earbuds. As you can see from above, our best smart watch with earbuds is the Guiqu Smart Watch with 6D Stereo Bluetooth Earbuds. It is our best overall choice. We believe that if you want the best smart watch with earbuds that have superb sound quality and one that will last, then this is the one to buy. It has all five star reviews from actual owners and has the company behind it.

Guiqu Electronics, has been around since 1986, and the Guiqu 2022 Smart Watch has mastered a number of core patents and professional technologies. This device is backed by a trusted company with a lot of experience in the industry.

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