Best Health and Fitness Apps for iPhone

‍Are you looking to improve your health and fitness this year? With the help of your iPhone, achieving your goals has never been easier. There are numerous health and fitness apps available on the App Store that can assist you in your journey towards a healthier lifestyle. In this article, we will explore some of the best health and fitness apps for iPhone that can help you stay on track and reach your fitness goals.

Fitbod: Custom Workouts Without a Gym Membership

Fitbod Best Health and Fitness Apps for iPhone

One common barrier to working out is the rising costs of gym memberships. Fitbod is certainly one of the Best Health and Fitness Apps for iPhone and is an app that addresses this concern by providing custom workouts that don’t require access to weights or a gym. This app allows you to create a workout plan tailored to your specific goals. Whether you want to build strength, improve endurance, or lose weight, Fitbod can help you design a workout routine that suits your needs. The best part? Fitbod is free to use, with the option to unlock additional features through an in-app subscription.

Dark Noise: Enhance Focus and Mental Health

Dark Noise is not your typical fitness app, but it can still be considered one of the Best Health and Fitness Apps for iPhone and can play a vital role in improving your mental health and focus. This app is designed to provide background sounds that help you concentrate and relax. Whether you need to drown out distractions while working or create a soothing ambiance for better sleep, Dark Noise has you covered. You can even mix different sounds together to create a customized environment that enhances your productivity and mental well-being.

Streaks Workout: Building Fitness Habits

Streaks Workout for iPhone

Streaks Workout is a habit-tracking app that can help you build a consistent workout routine. This app applies the same principles as its namesake, Streaks, which focuses on helping you establish and maintain healthy habits. With Streaks Workout, you can set goals for your workouts and track your progress over time. By reaching these goals consistently, you can develop a habit of working out and improve your strength and fitness levels.

MyFitnessPal: Easy Food and Drink Tracking

MyFitnessPal for iPhone

Keeping track of your daily food and drink intake can be a challenge. MyFitnessPal simplifies this process by providing a convenient way to log your meals and monitor your calorie intake. This app allows you to search for foods and meals, and even scan barcodes to get precise nutritional information. MyFitnessPal also offers “expert-guided plans” and can integrate with over 50 different apps and devices, including Apple Health. With MyFitnessPal, you can stay accountable and make informed choices about your diet.

Strava: Comprehensive Workout Tracking

Strava for iPhone

Strava is a popular app for runners and walkers, offering comprehensive workout tracking and analysis. While there are many running and walking apps available, Strava stands out for its versatility. In addition to tracking your runs and walks, Strava supports more than eight different workout types, allowing you to monitor a wide range of activities. The app also integrates with the Health app, enabling you to keep track of important biometrics such as heart rate. Whether you’re an avid runner or prefer other forms of exercise, Strava can help you stay motivated and monitor your progress.

Fitbit: A Comprehensive Fitness Platform

Fitbit for iPhone

If you’re looking for a comprehensive fitness platform that goes beyond just an app, Fitbit is an excellent choice. Fitbit offers a range of wearables that work with both iOS and Android devices. With the Fitbit app, you can track your workouts, monitor your food intake, and even participate in a vibrant community of fitness enthusiasts. Fitbit devices provide accurate activity and sleep tracking, helping you gain insights into your daily habits and make positive changes. The app is free to download, with additional features available through a subscription.

What’s really cool about this app is that it can integrate with the Fitbit Sleep Mode. This is the ultimate in Fitbit’s Sleep Mode integration on iPhone.

Lose It!: Effective Calorie Counting

Lose It!

Lose It! is an app that has been helping individuals track their food intake and achieve weight loss goals for over a decade. This app simplifies the process of calorie counting, making it easy to log your meals and monitor your progress. With a robust database of foods and meals, you can quickly find and log your daily intake. Lose It! also offers additional features such as goal setting, personalized recommendations, and social challenges to keep you motivated on your weight loss journey. Music for Mental Focus

When it comes to mental health, finding ways to improve focus and relaxation is essential. is an app that can qualify as Best Health and Fitness Apps for iPhone that offers different music tracks designed to help you achieve specific mental states. Whether you need to concentrate on work or unwind after a long day, has a selection of music tailored to your needs. By selecting a desired mental state and duration, you can enjoy music that enhances your productivity, creativity, or relaxation. is a valuable tool for anyone looking to optimize their mental performance.

Affirmations: Daily Words of Encouragement


In addition to physical health, mental well-being is equally important. Affirmations is an app that provides daily words of encouragement to boost your mood and mindset. By loading the app or setting up scheduled notifications, you can receive uplifting messages throughout the day. Affirmations serves as a reminder to stay positive and motivated on your journey towards a healthier and happier life.

Day One: Journaling for Reflection

Day One App

Journaling is a powerful tool for self-reflection and personal growth. Day One is an app that allows you to keep a digital journal, capturing your thoughts, experiences, and memories. You can attach photos and videos to your entries, creating a visual record of your life’s moments. Whether you use it as a gratitude journal, a place to document your achievements, or simply as a way to express yourself, Day One can help you cultivate a positive mindset and cherish the moments that matter.

Sleep Cycle: Optimize Your Sleep

Sleep Cycle

Sleep is an essential component of overall health and well-being. Sleep Cycle is an app that tracks your sleep patterns and helps you wake up feeling refreshed. Unlike traditional alarm clocks, Sleep Cycle uses intelligent algorithms to analyze your sleep phases and wake you up during a light sleep stage, when it’s easier to wake up naturally. The app also provides insights into your sleep quality, allowing you to make adjustments to optimize your sleep routine and improve your overall health.

WaterMinder: Stay Hydrated Throughout the Day


Staying hydrated is crucial for maintaining good health, but it’s easy to forget to drink enough water throughout the day. WaterMinder is an app that helps you stay on top of your hydration goals. It sends reminders to drink water at regular intervals, ensuring that you stay adequately hydrated. The app provides widgets to track your progress and integrates with Siri Shortcuts for added convenience. With WaterMinder, you can make hydration a priority and reap the benefits of staying hydrated.

In conclusion, the App Store offers a wide range of what can be considered the Best Health and Fitness Apps for iPhone that can help you achieve your wellness goals. Whether you’re looking for custom workouts, mental focus, calorie tracking, comprehensive fitness platforms, or tools for better sleep and hydration, there’s an app to suit your needs. By incorporating these apps into your daily routine, you can take charge of your health and make positive changes to live a happier, healthier life. The App Store can also help you find Some of the Best Apple Watch Apps For Fitness – Best Fitness Devices.

Remember to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new fitness or health regimen.

Additional Information:

  • It’s important to note that while these Best Health and Fitness Apps for iPhone can be valuable tools in your health and fitness journey, they should not replace medical advice or professional guidance. Always consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new fitness or health regimen.
  • The key to success with these apps is consistency and commitment. Set realistic goals, track your progress, and stay motivated to achieve long-term results.
  • Explore the App Store for more health and fitness apps, as new apps are constantly being developed to cater to different needs and preferences.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with different apps to find the ones that work best for you. Everyone’s fitness journey is unique, so find the apps that align with your goals and preferences.

Of course! Based on the provided content and sticking strictly to the questions you’ve mentioned, here’s a revised FAQ section:

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between Apple Health and Fitness app?
Apple Health is an integral app that comes pre-installed on iPhones, serving as a repository for a wide array of health data from steps taken to nutritional intake. On the other hand, Apple Fitness (often referred to as Apple Fitness+) is a separate subscription-based service that offers guided workouts. Within the context of our article, certain apps, such as MyFitnessPal, integrate seamlessly with Apple Health, making it easier for users to centralize and manage their health data.

2. What is the difference between Apple Health and Apple fitness?
Apple Health is more of a health data management system where users can see and store their health metrics, while Apple Fitness (or Apple Fitness+) focuses on providing guided workout experiences. The former integrates with a wide range of third-party apps to gather data, while the latter offers interactive workout sessions for subscribers.

3. Is Apple Fitness worth it on iPhone?
While the article primarily focuses on other health and fitness apps, Apple Fitness+ offers a unique set of guided workouts integrated with Apple products. It’s especially valuable for those who already have an Apple Watch, as it provides real-time metrics during the workout. Its worth depends on individual preferences. If one values interactive workouts and seamless integration with the Apple ecosystem, then Apple Fitness+ can be a valuable addition. However, there are many other fitness apps on the App Store, each with its unique features, catering to diverse fitness goals.

4. Is Fitbit better than Apple Watch for fitness?
Fitbit is a dedicated fitness platform, offering wearables that sync with both iOS and Android. The Fitbit app allows users to track workouts, monitor food intake, and be part of a community of fitness enthusiasts. Fitbit devices are known for accurate activity and sleep tracking. In contrast, the Apple Watch is versatile and goes beyond just fitness with its broad app ecosystem. The choice between Fitbit and Apple Watch largely depends on what one values more: a device primarily focused on fitness or a multifunctional smartwatch with fitness capabilities.


In today’s digital age, the path to achieving optimal health and fitness is made significantly smoother with the aid of innovative apps. From tailor-made workouts without the need for gym memberships to guided mental relaxation tools, the iPhone stands as a powerful ally in one’s wellness journey. Each app mentioned offers a unique avenue to address different aspects of health, whether it’s physical strength, dietary choices, mental focus, or overall well-being. While the choice of app boils down to individual preferences and goals, it’s undeniable that with consistency, dedication, and the right digital tools at one’s fingertips, a healthier and more fulfilling life is just a tap away. As always, while these apps provide valuable insights and tools, they should complement and not replace professional medical advice. Here’s to a happier, healthier you!

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