Fitbit Aria 2 Review – The Best WiFi Smart Scale?

In this Fitbit Aria 2 review, Best Fitness Devices will conduct a full review of this product to give you all the necessary information to make an intelligent buying decision. This product review is intended for those of you who are interested in a WiFi smart scale and what they can do to enhance your health and fitness needs.

One of the things I really love about the Fitbit company in general is how their product line ties together to enhance one’s health and fitness needs. All the way from their dashboard and fitness coach training apps, full line of fitness trackers and smartwatches, to their awesome accessories and community support .

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About The Fitbit Aria 2 WiFi Smart Scale

So, what is the Fitbit Aria 2 Smart Scale exactly?
Well, it is a smart scale that measures your body fat percentage, your weight, of course, lean mass, and BMI (Body Mass Index) and shows your trends over a period. Plus, it syncs this information with the Fitbit Dashboard and mobile apps making it a great partner for the Fitbit activity trackers giving you a holistic view of your health.

So, let’s take a closer look at each of the information and metrics that the Fitbit Aria 2 smart scale measures. We have…Fitbit Aria 2 Review

  • Weight
  • Body Fat percentage
  • BMI
  • Lean mass
  • Charts trends over time

What is really cool is that these are automatically tracked over time. Which means that you are not doing the work, the smart scale is tracking and remembering these metrics for you.


You simply step on the scale and the Aria 2 shows your weight stats on the screen and then automatically syncs them to the Fitbit App so that you can track your progress.
Body Fat Percentage

This allows you to monitor change. For example, you can compare your weight stats with your body composition trends and determine whether you are burning fat and gaining muscle. This is a key to sustainable change.

Body Mass Index (BMI)

So, what is body mass index or BMI anyway?
It is the measure that uses your weight and height to help you determine whether you are at your optimum weight considering your age and gender. The Aria 2 calculates this for you based on your profile information and weight and then sends this information to the Fitbit app.

Lean MassFitbit Aria 2 Review

We hear a lot about lean mass, but it may not be clear as to what this really means. It is really just the weight of everything in your body but fat. But the important point is that knowing this helps you determine whether you are gaining muscle and losing fat. And, as you might expect, this information is sent directly to the Fitbit app.

For accuracy details, there are two modes to select from. There is a regular mode or a lean mode. The regular mode is for most of us who either exercise regularly or who don’t exercise much at all. The lean mode is for those that are much more serious, such as marathon runners or body builders.

To get more accurate stats, set your scale to the right mode—Regular or Lean.

Charts trends over time

This allows you to view your progress over a period. This is pretty cool, because when the Aria 2 syncs the information to your app, it converts your information into very easy-to-read graphs that assist you in seeing your long term trends to see if your hard work is paying off for you.

Who Is The Fitbit Aria 2 Review For?

Obviously, the Fitbit Aria 2 is for anyone who is interested in tracking and trending their weight, body fat percentage, BMI and lean mass and having this information automatically sent to the Fitbit app for trending purposes. The awesome thing about this is that you don’t have to do anything except stand on the scale. Since the scale is “smart” it knows where to send the information.

Fitbit Aria 2 Review

The Fitbit users who gain the most from this awesome device are those who are interested in either losing, gaining or maintaining their weight and then continuously monitoring those goals. Plus, you can have up to eight people use this device as well. This means that you only need one scale for everyone in the household.

This amazing scale works with a full range of the list of Fitbit Products.
This is what I love about Fitbit as a company. They are always looking for ways to motivate people like you and I to reach our health and fitness goals, and we can count on the fact that they will continue to find ways through technology and innovation to accomplish this overall task for its customers.
Now, there are some limitations to the Aria 2. You do not want to use this device if:

  • You have an implanted medical device such as pacemaker
  • You are pregnant while tracking your weight
  • You are under the age of 13
  • You weigh over 400 pounds (Aria 2 only measures weights between 10 and 400 pounds)

Fitbit Aria 2 Features

This WiFI smart scale is absolutely loaded with features. As mentioned above, the Aria 2 measures, tracks and monitors all of your weight management needs and does it in a very “smart” way. But, there are other features and benefits that we would like to point out that may interest you even more. The main theme behind the Fitbit Aria 2 is improvement. It has definitely improved upon its first smart scale the original Aria.
One of the biggest improvements are in the area of accuracy.
First of all, The Aria 2 is an FDA – approved health device, and allows you to be able to set and track your personal goals with your daily weigh-ins. You will even find a community section in the Fitbit app where users cheer each other on. This goes along with their coaching and courses for an additional subscription fee.

So, the Fitbit Aria 2 features include:

  • monitors weight, body fat %, BMI and lean mass
  • Tracks trends with charts and graphs
  • Syncs wirelessly
  • Recognizes up to eight users with privacy
  • Easy smartphone set up with blue tooth
  • Sleek and stylish
  • Comes in white or black finish with a polished glass surface

In addition to the above mentioned features, the Fitbit Aria 2 is tracker compatible. This means it can work with Fitbit watches and wristbands, so that you can get a better understanding of how everything you do impacts your weight. It also features a real easy set up to your smartphone seamlessly.

Is This The Best Smartscale for women

Before we ask this question let’s take a good look at the Pros and Cons for this smart device.

ProsFitbit Aria 2 Review

  • Works Seamlessly with Fitbit Trackers
  • Syncs well with the Fitbit App
  • Extremely easy to work with and monitor results with
  • Lightweight, sleek design
  • allows up to eight users all with private setting


  • Maximum weight limit is just under 400 pounds

So, to answer the above mentioned question, I do believe this is the best smart scale for women based on a variety of metrics. It is certainly an exceptional fitness and weight product that has versatile capabilities to assist you in loosing weight, achieve your fitness goals and, together with a Fitbit fitness tracker – carefully keep track of each and every step.
In addition to all of this, it is very well-designed and can match nearly any bathroom., It is also compatible with a wide selection of exceptional weight and fitness products with versatile capabilities to assist you in losing weight, achieve your fitness goals and, together with a fitbit fitness tracker, carefully keep track of every step. It is also very well-designed and can match nearly any bathroom. It is also compatible with a wide selection of mobile devices, making it the best smart scale in our review.

This is all in addition to the fact that this equipment is and FDA cleared health device. That certainly tells us something about their quality and accuracy.


All things considered, the Aria 2 has one thing that a lot of other smart scales simply do not have and that is the Fitbit’s platform and community. This means that you can view your exercises, activity, steps, floors climbed, swimming stats, heart rate and your weight all in one singular dashboard. If you already own a Fitbit, the Aria 2 is the simplest way to weave into your daily routine. No need for a separate app. This means all of your health and fitness data will be consolidated into one single platform. It also means you get instant access to Fitbit’s awesome community.

Even if you do not own a Fitbit, you can invite someone who is not part of the Fitbit community and they can get all the benefits of the Aria 2. For example, if you own a Fitbit and are a part of the Fitbit community, and your husband is not, you can simply have him create an account on using his email address (has to be different from yours though) and then you send him an invitation to use the scales.

He can then accept the invitation using the computer and his email address. He will then be added to your scales and can use it just like you. This can be done up to a total of 8 members. How cool is that.

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  1. Wow!!  I have been a Fitbit user for a very long time and i pretty much live my life around my fit bit.  My Fitbit has really made me healthier because it keeps me accountable.Even though I have been such a long time user of Fitbit I had no idea this scale even existed.  I know I am going to have to take a bit of a closer look but my God I think I am going to have to get one.Thank you for taking the time to put together all this great information on this great review of a scale I am going to look at a lot closer.Dale

    • Hi Dale, I am glad you came across this site as well. Yes, this is Fitbits second version of the smart scale and they really did a great job on this one. I totally help keep you accountable to your fitness goals. I would certainly give it a try and feel free to leave a comment here and let us know how you like it. Thanks again for the feedback!

  2. So so many useful tips and tricks all on one page! Wonderful! I bookmarked to look further. This is insightful and I must say its a lovely review; I am just getting to know about fitbit ariaThis is a must for all ladies to read. Thanks for listing out the pros and cons.

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    • Thank you Olalekan for visiting my website. I do think men may find this product of value as well. But, let me know how your fiancee likes it and come back and leave another comment. Thanks again for the feedback.

  4. Awesome Information. What an incredible blog post!I really love the way you outlined the reviews of Fitbit Area2 . It was so interesting reading about the WiFi smart scaleWhich measures one’s body fat percentage, your weight, etc and even synchronises this information with the Fitbit Dashboard and mobile apps  giving brief view of one’s health status. I must say this is a wonderful product.Thanks for this review.

  5. Great webpage the fit bit is really good tracking and keeping goals on the body mass index and toning up.

    I think the idea of having the fit bit is very good idea keeps people really aware of their exercise plan and they would be more aware that they need to keep up with it as well.

    I personally use the phone and it tracks me i enjoy the fitness plans i may well look into buying the fit bit as well.

    The product is very well presented and so clearly explained.

    Thank you for sharing  

  6. This is a very good review on the Fitbit Aria 2 Smart Scale. Thank you for sharing. My wife is watching her weight and I have a few questions to help her make a decision. How long does it take before Fitbit Aria 2 Scale sync feature start tracking the user trend? Meaning, will she have to use the Aria 2 for weeks before it reports where shes trending? Here is a crazy question. Is it battery operated? How long will the scale hold your data in its memory before you lose your collected data? Meaning, if the scale loses its power source, will you lose your information and have to start over collection your trending stuff. Can the scale be use by men and women? LeNard -seconds2work

    • Hi LeNard, thank you for visiting my website. These are good questions. To answer your first question, no, she will not have to wait for weeks before it reports where she is trending. The Fitbit Aria 2 syncs right away and gathers and stores the trending data. Yes, it is battery operated by four lithium AA batteries. The memory does not lose the collected data once the data is synced. Even if the battery dies. Yes, the scale can be used by both men and women. Thanks again for your feedback. 

  7. This is an excellent review, I really appreciate the insight into the Fitbit Aria 2. I love the many features but I am particularly interested in the body mass index and the body mass measurements. I started working out again and I need someway to keep track of these measurements – good thing I found your site! And it’s so affordable too, thanks for this helpful review.

    • Thank you Paul. Yes, the body mass index and body mass measurements are key metrics and very important. I am glad you started working out again, and yes, this is a great price point with great overall value. 

  8. I noted that you mentioned daily weigh-ins using the Fitbit smart scale. Are daily weigh-ins necessary for the average person? It seems that would lead to obsessing about weight, nutrition, and exercise regimen. In 2017, I went on a restricted diet to learn to adjust eating habits and choices. I weighed in at the beginning and end. But did not weigh myself during the diet. The idea was to focus on food and nutrition and not weight. The assumption was eating the right foods in the right quantities would lead to better food choices with weight loss secondary. With regard to the smart scale, I do like the benefit of tracking 8 users. That makes it handy for a family or group of people.

    • Hi Glen, thanks for visiting my website. Regarding weigh-ins, I believe they are only necessary if you are looking to either gain weight or lose weight as a goal. Monitoring any type of data, in my opinion, can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on what you do with the data. Obsessing or not obsessing about any kind of data is ones own choice. The idea is to take the data you obtain and make good choices as a result. Whether that be eating the right foods and doing the right amount of exercise. Some folks need to lose weight, some folks need to gain weight and some folks only need to maintain weight, and some folks do not need to concern themselves with their weight. It depends on our own bodies and how we determine our own health and fitness activites. 

  9. Hi Julie! Exercise daily and having a proper diet are important for me. And taking advantage of the benefits that Fitbit offers are a complete game changer. After reading your post I have discovered that I can keep track and integrate in one platform all the stats needed to keep encouraged and excited about this journey to a healthier life. I’ll give this a try. I’m excited about this Smartscale. Thank you very much!

    • Hi Henry, I am glad you are encouraged and excited about the journey to a healthier life. I think you will find the Fitbit Aria 2 a great addition to your fitness arsenal. Thanks for your feedback. Feel free to ask questions and comment anytime. 

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