Suunto 9 Baro GPS Watch Review – For Those Who Demand Quality

If you are looking for a GPS sports watch that is extremely durable, designed for athletes and one that essentially has it all, then you will want to read this Suunto 9 Baro GPS Watch Review in its entirety. This is really more than just a GPS Sports Watch, it tracks your sports, daily activity, even your sleep to keep your training, recovery and total life in balance. It even helps keep your heart healthy by tracking your overall heart rate while maintaining durability and strength, one of the many attributes that the Suunto 9 is well-known for.

In this review I will discuss who the Suunto 9 Baro GPS Watch is for, the awesome features’ and benefits associated with this watch. We will not leave out the details of the specifications and metrics associated with those specifications, and take a deep dive into the reviews from people who own this amazing sports watch. We will then look into both the pros and cons and then finally conduct a summary review.

So, let’s dive right in shall we?
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Who is the Suunto 9 Baro GPS Watch For?

The Suunto 9 Baro GPS Watch Peak is for the individual who may be passionate about sports and who prefer a robust sports watch with a big screen. It is for the person who wants a very durable, yet accurate sports watch that is loaded with features’ including 80 different sports options. It is also for the adventurous. In fact, you can pair the Suunto 9 with the Suunto app to track all of your adventures and follow your trends long-term. This includes sleep and daily activity.

You can also share your adventures and connect with others in the Suunto community, check on your incoming calls, messages and notifications, all with a quick glance on your wrist. The controls are very easy to navigate as well. So, as you can see, it is really more than just a sports watch.
Suunto 9 Baro GPS watch review - side view

Another aspect of this watch that appeals to the health and fitness enthusiast is something known as the Burner feature. This feature shows you how fast you are burning grams of fat and carbohydrates while exercising! This is an awesome feature for the one who realizes that losing weight is a simple matter of burning more calories than you consume. I will get into a lot more detail of the other features’ and specifications next.

SUUNTO 9 Baro & Peak, GPS Sports Watch Features

As mentioned before, the Suunto 9 Baro GPS Watch is loaded with features’ and benefits for the sports and adventure enthusiast. It is difficult to capture all the features’ and benefits, but I will do my best. Check them out below.

Durability and Toughness

One of the most notable features’ for this Suunto 9 Baro GPS Watch Review is the fact that it is tough and durable. It has actually been tested for this to the extreme. It’s waterproof up to 100 meters and built with the highest grade of materials. This watch actually delivers up to 120 hours of continuous exercise tracking.

The best way to see how durable it is, check out the video below:

Some other highlights are as follows:

Over 80 Sports Modes

You have access to over 80 sports modes right out of the box, or you can even customize your own in the Suunto App. This is an awesome feature that many people who own this GPS watch boast about.

Great Battery life

The battery life is an amazing 25 hours with the best GPS mode on. Plus you get up to 170 hours, that translates into a little over 7 days. This is unbelievable for a sports watch. You get

Music Controls

You can have music to motivate you during your activities. You have music controls to adjust the volume, pause and even skip tracks. Plus, you can connect your headset to your phone and then control the music right from your wrist. You can even do this during your activities without interruptions.

Viral Ghost Runner

The viral ghost runner is an amazing feature that allows you to practice your pacing or use it just for the fun of it. It is one of the features’ available under SuuntuPlus, which I will briefly describe next.


SuuntoPlus™ is a section within the Suuntu 9 and Suuntu 5 watches that holds many of the new and exciting features’ in one place on the watch itself. It is also a place where Suuntu indicates they will be introducing more and more features’ to help improve overall performance.

The SuuntuPlus area is where the following features’ reside:

  • Burner – shows you how fast you are burning fat and carbohydrates
  • Viral Ghost Runner – mentioned above
  • Red Bull X-Alps – a tool to keep track of your vertical speed. Basically it tells you how fast you are climbing.

Wrist Heart Rate and Barometer

In this Suunto 9 Baro GPS Watch Review I have to mention the wrist heart rate monitor associated with it because it is extremely accurate for a wrist heart rate monitor. It is commonly known that chest heart rate monitors are more accurate than wrist heart rate monitors. But, because of the convenience, many sports enthusiasts prefer one on the wrist.

That being said, this is simply one of the absolute best wrist heart rate monitors available in the market. It also features’ a very accurate barometer.

SUUNTO 9 Baro & Peak, GPS Sports Watch Specifications

Just as the SUUNTO 9 Baro & Peak, GPS Sports Watch Features are important, so are the specifications. Below are just a few of these to be considered.

  • Screen size is 5 centimeters
  • Dimensions, LxWxH: 1.97 X 1.97 X 0.67 inches
  • Water resistance up to 100 meters
  • GPS
  • Battery life is about 170 hours (7+ days)
  • Bluetooth smart connectivity technology
  • Weight: 72 grams; 2.54 ounces
  • Bezel material: Stainless Steel
  • Strap material: Silicone
  • What comes in the box:
    • Suuntu 9 watch
    • Charging cable
    • quick guide
    • Warranty leaflet

Warranty Period

  • General warranty period is two years
  • one year warranty for accessories
  • 5 years for failures attributed to the depth measurement, or pressure sensor.

The Suunto 9 Baro GPS Watch Reviews

Prior to purchasing any product I think it is always a good idea to know what other reviewers have to say about the product. I am not referring to other blog reviews but reviews by people who own or have owned the product itself. I have researched reviews from not only the Suunto website, but also reviews on Amazon. This way you get third party reviews which add reliability and overall trustworthiness. Suunto 9 Baro GPS Watch Review - Customer Reviews

As you can see from the image to the right, out of 518 global ratings, 73% of then gave 5 star ratings. I think this is an awesome rating. Plus,
11% of those rating gave 4 stars. This means 84% of the 518 people who
own this product gave it an above average rating. This is an indication of happy customers.

As you can also see, there are very positive reviews based on the features’ battery life, easy to use, and accuracy with ratings of 4.6, 4.3 and 4.2 respectively.

Some negative reviews came from people who purchased the watch during a beta period. There seems to have been a firmware update that had an impact on some watches. There were a few complaints about the accuracy of the pedometer. These types of reviews are very few in numbers.

The positive reviews certainly out weighed the negative reviews so I really think these reviews show an overall appreciation of the product.

Suunto 9 Baro GPS Watch Review Pros and Cons

As with all products, there are pros and there are cons associated with them. This, of course, includes Smart watches and sports watches. So below I have listed the pros and cons.
Suunto 9 Baro Watch Review - Pros and Cons


  • Great battery life
  • Accurate heart rate monitor for a wrist heart rate monitor
  • Accurate sleep monitor
  • Accurate GPS
  • Very easy to read display
  • Easy to control touch screen


  • The time doesn’t automatically sync
  • Some people complained about the accuracy of the pedometer

Suunto 9 Baro GPS Watch Review Final Thoughts

We here at Best Fitness Devices hope you found value in this Suunto 9 GPS watch review. We also understand that there is a lot to choose
from in the world of fitness devices. This is one of the reasons we created this website.
To help you choose what works best for you and to offer as much value as we can.

So, if you are someone who
loves sports and adventure or who wants a sports watch that is robust, tough, accurate and loaded with features’ and benefits, then I believe this is the Sports watch you are looking for. Together with the Suunto App, the SuuntoPlus™ features’ and the Suunto community, you should be able to make your outdoor or sporting life easier than it fulfills your overall health and fitness goals.

If you found overall value with this review and would like to share it, feel free to click on the red Pinterest button below. Also, feel free to leave a comment below if you have questions or if there is another product you would like us to review.

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